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Figuring the extinguished joint also put an end to that subject matter, Billie moved on to the next. “Right, I haven’t seen any of your paintings in a while. You’ll have to show me some when you get them done.” She paused; she wasn’t really good at this ‘small-talk’ thing.

"Alright-" Billie brought the front feet of the chair down with a small thump and leaned over the table, switching back to their plans. "I was thinking that Thursday. The A’s look like they’re still planning on working late that night and I doubt D’s going to intrude, so we basically have the whole living room at our disposal." Was code entirely necessary? Probably not.

"Which is good because we’ll have more room to build.That bit’s non negotiable." A wild grin crossed her lips. Billie didn’t remember whether she had gone over that part with Lasse during their initial plotting, but either way it was going to happen. As long as they put the furniture back where it belonged when they were done, Dante couldn’t throw a fit.

"I will!" Lasse grinned. "I like the sound of Thursday! No one to bother, and no one to wonder if we have gone crazy." She giggled and briefly checked the timer on the oven, still a few more minutes before lunch was ready.

"Lot’s of room… Wait, Billie do you mean…" Lasse’s grin grew so wide it could almost split her face. "A fort?!”

Lasse had only built a fort once, back in her dorm room when she was about five. It hadn’t ended well when a Prefect came by, but until that it had been fun and she really wanted to do it again.

"You bet your chemistry set, I do!" Billie’s smile broadened at Lasse’s apparent excitement. "This will be a fancy fort though. We’ll have the couch and a built in theater. And I happen to know Ari’s got a hoard of blankets and pillows that I plan on commandeering, so we can take up the whole living room!” She snickered, leaning back into her seat.

"I got a hold of a friend’s Netflix account too-they have the first few seasons, that way if any Charlie bugs go snooping around the data waves or what have you, it won’t lead back to us. Unless we run out of episodes. Then we’ll have to switch to the open internet and be all super stealth about it so Ada doesn’t find out."


"Just can, woke up one day and started to be able to bed reality, ever so slightly" He popped across the room to a chair, "If I knew how to recreate it, I’d be selling that instead, to be perfectly honest I don’t know the details. I just know that one minute I got blasted with so much light I was pretty sure I was hurdling towards the sun, and then the next, in bed like diddle happened." He chuckled, "Touchy about the merchandise? Well I gotta get paid, so… shit outta luck, there"

He peaked over top of his goggles with a smirk, “Unless you got a way for me to make more money for less work.”

That was surprisingly forthcoming. So it wasn’t anything he did on purpose; nothing he planned on or intended. In a way, that wasn’t too unlike what had happened to her. Though she had planned to make a machine, not give herself the ability in a freak accident. They even both used their powers for the same thing at first; stealing. Saying she was curious at this point was a massive understatement.

"Well you see," Billie stared at the bag of loot a moment; an even better idea began to form. "I was going to try to send you off to an old friend of mine that never quite left the ‘life of crime,’ their work is more up your alley than most of the stuff here. It’s more ‘boom!’ than ‘oh neat science stuff!’ and they’re fairly reasonable, but I think a much more interesting opportunity has arisen." She paused as she worked her way over to where Warp was now sitting, grabbing a stool for herself along the way.

"A proposition for the both of us really." Billie continued, now seated across the counter from him and speaking in an eager tone. "What if I tried to help you figure out how your teleporting works? We can find some secure place and run all sorts of tests, see if there are any limits to it, maybe even find fancy new ways you could be using it that you didn’t know about. Heck, we could even throw some psychotherapy junk in to see if you can recall any more of what could have caused it." She’d make a point to ask her sister about the more effective methods to do that later.

"It’d give me a chance to work on something vastly more interesting, and if I do figure it out, then there you go. You can sell it away to your heart’s content, and not have to go around stealing anymore. Or," the enthusiasm immediately left her voice. "You can just make off with all the goods in that bag, make me look useless, then make me have to notify all sorts of law enforcement, and be a general pain like that."

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I tried to draw paradigms shift Tried Oh well here’s the drawing

//Look at the adorableness :3


I tried to draw paradigms shift
Oh well here’s the drawing

//Look at the adorableness :3

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"True, but I can’t keep hitting back after bank, because, the idea of a big vault with like, tables of money, really only covers 1-5% of banks ya see, most of the times, the vaults are just the safety deposit boxes, which don’t refill very quickly, due to the fact that its normally heirlooms and the like. And then, to get a good price on the jewelry, you can’t just take it to a pawn shop, cause they’re gonna screw you, and any reputable antique dealer will have an inkling of what your showing them and realize that some scrawny punk shouldn’t have it, and yeah they can’t call the cops because of an inkling, but they can refuse service. So no matter what the trail always ends up on the black market, and things that go boom make more money then things that sparkle." He scratched his chin, "Well then, I think that completes my shopping spree. You look dumbfounded, which isn’t admirable in super geniuses so go ahead and make with the questions."

Alright, this guy seemed to know what he was doing, Billie could admit to that. If he had dealings with the ‘black market’ there was a good chance Paradigm could have a run in with this Warp at a later point in time. Maybe come to some sort of ‘business’ arrangement, or trade tech…because that’d be one hell of a trick to get her hands on.

She rolled her eyes at ‘shopping,’ but at that last comment of his, they quickly set back into a glare. That was the line.

"Listen, Rainbow Brite-” she jabbed a finger in his direction,”it’s not everyday some jerk just teleports into the lab and tries to take my shit, so forgive me if I’m a bit off put by it-” She stopped herself; flying into a rage and insulting the guy wasn’t going to get her anywhere, and it certainly wasn’t the best way to attempt working out a compromise or keep him from absconding-especially when she wasn’t properly prepared to stop him.

"Look," Billie started again, trying to remain relatively civil this time. "I’m sure if you weren’t stealing my work, I’d be thoroughly impressed with all of this.” She waved her hand in a circular motion, gesturing at him. And it was true; if only they had they met under more favourable circumstances. “And you are correct-I do have questions, I just doubt you’ll be willing to answer them. It’s not like you’re going to tell me how you teleport, or how I can go about replicating it, right? And I don’t suppose asking nicely is going to keep you from taking my stuff either?” Billie folded her arms. Maybe he’d appreciate her frankness; it was highly unlikely, but still worth a shot. And if not, she had a few hastily cooked up back ups: a better offer, and a potentially very dumb action. Though she wouldn’t mind if  Batman were to unexpectedly show up right about now either.



"Well, seeing as I got in here past you dontcha thick I got a way out too?" The space around him started to bend and he popped over to another area and started to scoop stuff from the table into his bag. "And the thing is, if I was waiting for someones permission to take stuff, I wouldn’t be a thief"

She was ready to snap back with an ‘of course you could sneak in-it’s a big facility,’ when the area around him started to warp. Engaging a cloak wasn’t going to get him past her-not unless he could phase through her-and wouldn’t that be something?

But when the distortion in front of her disappeared and the sound of his voice now came from behind her, she wheeled around momentarily confused.

"You gotta be shitting me-" she spoke mostly to herself. "You can teleport?” Billie didn’t know whether she was more impressed or upset at this new development. She had so many questions-mostly hows-but none of them were going to help stop him from making off with a good portion of the lab’s tech.

"Couldn’t you just rob a bank instead?" She marched towards him with an exasperated sigh. She didn’t know how she was going to stop him yet, especially since he could apparently leave at any time and she’d have no way of finding him, but maybe she could at least get him to switch targets. "It’s much more direct, and money’s a lot less heavy; much more versatile."

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